True Wisdom is universal in its nature. It brings together the wisdom of the East and West into a synthesis that represents the whole of Earth and not just part of it. More souls are now ready to transcend traditions and lift consciousness into a universal understanding that embraces the All.

To lift consciousness and heal, understanding is required. Genuine understanding spans space and time in uniting the enlightened beings of all galaxies and those of us who share in the same deep knowledge and experience of Oneness.

It is our responsibility to be awake. When we are, we bring a sense of focused alertness and present awareness to everything we do. Sleepwalking through life must be a thing of the past.

It is time to let go of that which does not work particularly the sense of separation from Source. Imagine a world filled with spiritual adults! We must train ourselves to make decisions that increase our light. We do this through being love in action, dissolving the veil of forgetfulness and actually viewing ourselves as gifted and multidimensional beings of Light. Why not allow yourself to glimpse this truth? Hold onto it. As a result, you will make different choices and begin to stand tall in the Light of your own sublime consciousness.

Many search the world to find the Light. All along, it has patiently waited inside of us like a seed ready to burst into full flower. This is the time and the place, the opportunity to wake up and realize that the Light outside you and the Light within are One!

Do you desire to finally be free? Focus on the truth that can set you free. It is the eternal truth shared by awakened ones since the beginning... you are a child of love, light and purity. When you accept, honor and love your true identity, an amazing shift of grace will happen.

Allow the Spirit of Truth within to guide you through the healing process of transformation. It will lift you comfortably into a creative vibration of harmony, joy and wisdom supported by the golden threads of love. You are not alone.

Returning to our True Nature...

Shirlee Hall

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