I became dramatically aware and realized that the Infinite Spirit, God, was within me. All the power, presence and good was part of me. I didn’t have to seek outside myself. I was given a ‘word’ to use to help others and any personal needs that may arise. I knew without a doubt that Divine Intelligence, Infinite Love and Perfect Wisdom was a part of me. Separation no longer existed. Whether it was my trust and confidence, devotion and patience that brought forth the word, I don’t know. It was probably a combination of previous life experiences and the innate sense of knowing that kept me stimulated and confident.
It is an inward awareness held together by an invincible faith. I was lucky. This is not implying I consciously knew everything from a spiritual viewpoint. What I did have and did exercise was a conviction that pure Spirit exists in all life. It is Divine Perfection. The understanding did not come intellectually; it came intuitively It is this Perfection that heals. Separation no longer was an issue. Heavenly light, divine whisperings and inner movement adjusted all levels of my being into a spiritual realization of unity.
Some people may claim that to experience this understanding or viewpoint is to be born anew. Yes, it is. It is shocking in many ways. To recognize the Holy Spirit, understand an infinite Law and actually accept that God is within, changes everything. The world and its inhabitants can appear upside down around us. As impossible as the outer appears, I knew that the Spirit within has no problems or impossible situations. I knew it as my dearest companion. It would never leave me.
Life did not become easier with the realization. It actually became a greater challenge. The challenge was getting the personality out of the way. Instead of conforming to what family, friends and society would like me to be, the natural preference was to conform my thinking and doing to a spiritual ideal.
One of the beauties of spiritual awareness is that we are free from fear. What is there to fear? This doesn’t mean you do things that bring you into harms way. It means that you remain in a consciousness of conviction regardless of the appearances. It is a good consciousness resulting from an agreement reached through surrender. Common talk words cannot begin to be used to aptly express the Sublime. The conscious feeling of unity is expressed through an angelic language, a bird language, a language of love and light.
When you receive the Divine Life as your physical, emotional and mental reality, a deep sense of joy, understanding and inexplicable love is worn like a magnificent coat of light. No one can take that garment from you. I do my best at the moment to describe the inward state of pure feeling in books, articles and workshops. The words are pale compared to the inner presence and its power and life. The Spirit is always willing and I try. I urge you to do the same. There is a Law of Love. It is always available. Recognize it. Use it. Don’t be concerned about how to correctly express your feelings through words. There is a higher ‘Word’. Take divine action through loving intention. Accept, believe and know that it is good.
We are given what we are ready to understand. Conscious awareness is similar to dipping up water from a limitless sea. Life is about increasing awareness and expanding consciousness. Trust explicitly in blending your thoughts and love with the Core of your being. Spiritual consciousness is power. It is a journey of faith retracing our way back Home.
Life unfolds according to our word of faith~ Shi

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