The most difficult realization for a human is to consciously accept that behind the physical, emotional, and mental façade is holiness, a spirit, yes, God.  We generally only see and accept the surface appearance forgetting that the physical is a temporary costume we are wearing.  Now, in contrast, if we realize our true spiritual nature and see nothing but that Truth, only that any condition will heal instantly.  In treating yourself or another you see and declare only the eternal Unity with God.  That Light comes forth instantly for it is the true light and then we know that unity is in existence within ourselves and within everybody else.


We are not a physical organism.  Our inner work is finding the Self which is the God Self.  I know this is not easy at all particularly because we are confronted with nonsense a good part of the time. Commonly, people are thought of as physical and not what is back of the physical, the unseen, the inner Self, the real image and likeness of God. This true image is only glimpsed on occasion.  Cause and Effect are one. We don’t need to attain.  This is a bold statement because we are what we have trouble seeing and believing.  It is materiality that gets us into trouble. I am speaking of the ray of light that is universal as it is personal, a state of consciousness that is a pure manifestation of God.  Each of us is a ray.


Once we grasp how each of us are a ray of God Light it eliminates the theory that it is necessary to do any specific work on a part of the mind or body.  My attitude has always been that the Spirit is wiser than the thinking mind and knows exactly what needs to be done. The physical will fall into line as soon as we realize that fundamental Unity. We must reach this state of ‘knowing’ and the ‘knowing’ is above the conscious mind.







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