Throughout human history there have been many of us who have been given a sudden warning vision of a future event.  The event can be for an individual or for the many.  A vision may indicate karma, the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves.  Visions are often given indicating a change in consciousness, an end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. There are universal laws and when disobeyed the cycle of cause and effect will act. All visions are not negative but often are warning dreams.
On December 20, 2019, I was unexpectedly given a vision of white majestic ice caps.  I was so stunned that they could have been mountain tops.  The wide-awake vision filled my office.  It was obviously symbolism denoting the magnificence of earthly beauty.  Suddenly from the left a blackness appeared.  The blackness moved quickly from left to right removing the tranquility and beauty.  The earthly beauty was obliterated.  I knew something tragically ugly would suddenly strike humanity and spread its force across the world. I mention this for one reason only.  Humans must finally take responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions. We are designed to evolve not regress.  When greed and meanness rules and power is misused, floods, earthquakes, illness, war and many other types of corrective measures take charge.  Enough is enough. We are to love one another which includes all life regardless of form. The myriad forms are but skins covering the light of God.  The tragedy is that the more intelligent species often forget what the real power and presence is...cosmic love. There are many here on Earth whose hearts and minds resonate to the light and love of God. We desire to evolve this animal called man lifting him into a higher vibration that respects, honors and loves The One.  Have you answered the Call?  It is our time.

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