Wake Up!

Isn't it time to honor who we really are?  Eons of time have passed and yet, pain and suffering continue. Isn't it time to be serious and clean the waste from the body and mind accepting that you are far greater than ever imagined?  Wouldn't it be a relief and a joy to speak from your own direct insight and tell your own "story"?

Many people believe they will have ample opportunities to spiritually mature in future life experiences.    Perhaps, that idea is the mind's way of dismissing its fear of a body-mind death.  Whatever appears is bound to disappear. The death that is sorely needed is to lose the false sense of self.  The goal is to awaken to the eternal Self and be the I Am Consciousness fully awakened in form. This Self never dies.  Who were you a hundred years ago?  Who will you be a hundred years from today?  All questions will cease once you awaken to your highest consciousness.

Happiness is knowing  and being who you truly are...consciousness aware of itself.  Awaken and stop wearing the mantle of confusion, distress, lack and limitation.  Humanity thrives on heresy.  To be truth you must live as the authentic light that you originally were.  Awaken and you will no longer be adorned in loneliness or pain.  Awaken and you will have a new mantle to wear; a  pure mantle of beauty and understanding recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

Many are passing through the fires of alchemy.  You can be strong and confident in your authenticity regardless of what is happening but...it requires direct insight. Through firsthand insight with your true Nature, you will approach the still waters of understanding and be your own savior.  A fierce battle is in our midst.  Serious challenges are one of the many methods to force us to realize that we already have freedom.  We do not have to acquire it.  Liberation is to acknowledge a faith and conviction that you always have been free.  You simply have forgotten assuming your body and mind was the real you.  It is not!

Humanity as a whole prevents the light, the God seed within, to live.  Prevention is laziness, doubt, fear, inattentiveness, self-abuse and failing to exercise analytical thinking.  The real you is timeless!  It already is unlimited and totally free.  It is the lack of inner knowing that has created shackles of bondage by self-limitation.  Go back to Reality!

Physical life is a dream that we can control through self mastery.  The greater your true understanding, the more powerful is your ability to serve others.  Be determined to achieve mastery of the body-mind and stop the suffering once and for all.

What helps is to accept the I Am Consciousness and speak from your own experience. Love is the quality to BE.  Be one with your true Awareness which gave birth to the levels of creation and consciousness.  That is all you can do.  This is an ultimate state that you can consciously connect with. Why keep punishing yourself by perpetuating a damaging dream of separation and suffering?

You can be authentic love in action as your deathless Self...the I Am Presence.  You will recognize in a spontaneous moment of realization, when the changing of the mantle, occurs.  You will feel a lightness, an inexplicable joy, a divine knowing and a loving unity that transcends description.  Perhaps, you will experience a symbolic vision as given to me.  A radiant coat of light was ceremoniously offered. A question for you.  Who presented the radiant coat of light?  Was it the I Am Consciousness that is part of me and is yet Impersonal or another intelligence and luminous being?

How would you explain the purple living light creating spirals forming a Circle yesterday?  Thousands and thousands of people see similar visions. Visions are symbolism but the point was well made and the moment realized. Light is Impersonal and available to all of us.  When the newness clothes us in Its splendor, we are becoming consciously awake.  It is what we authentically 'are' that uses visuals to 'break' through the hard shell of our conditioned nonsense.  'Experiences' are still phenomenon.  We must eventually move higher returning to the essence of our original 'face'.

Be at peace and know you are loved~

Shirlee Hall

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