The fact that we are not a finished product will offer hope to many people who are dismayed by what has happened in their own lives as well as the world at large.  There is a different rhythm in our very midst that nobody can take away from us.  The problem is that most people don't know they have it.  To become more intimate of its presence and power we need to look behind appearances and to stop mentalizing life.  Genuine joy, oneness, unconditional love and wisdom, in other words, the Summit, is nor necessarily above somewhere.  It can be realized right here at ground level.

Too many people are bewildered by the negative and yet, truth is right here, immediate and all-powerful in each atom, cell and breath we take.  Our responsibility is to awaken to our true identity as spirit, a higher rhythm, another way of being.  We can go about our mundane activities and actually be consciously aware of this 'other' rhythm vibrating very softly in the background.  The Light is us.  Acknowledging its presence, it shines.  In various activities and different points it leads and reassures.  We must learn to be vigilant because there will always be people who will not understand who will attempt at different times to snatch us away from the power of our rhythm.

We may stumble but if we persist and are trusting although appearing awkward and judging ourselves harshly for falling back, we can pick ourselves up and continue to learn the dance.  Eventually, as we strive to be our true Self in matter, a finished product,  we begin to enter self-mastery.  The kind of mastery I am talking about is different that the usual mentioned in books.  We are awakening and remembering here in matter and learning how to use the rhythm called the Law of Truth.  Truth is like a seamless white robe of softness.  Eventually, we achieve a genuine clarity and tranquility.  It is a peace that we cannot explain to others.  The mind grows quieter.  We can see clearly without all the mental labels.

Our finished product is waiting for us.  Heaven is hidden in our midst.  Have hope, dear friends. we do become stronger with each obstacle and every second we really live what we know is true for us.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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