CIRCLE OF LIGHT class and meditation in La grange, 1 PM, Sunday, June 2nd.
SACRED BREATH HEALING WORKSHOP in Downers Grove, 7 PM, Friday, June 21st


We need to accept that we are significant; what we think and do forever echoes throughout the universe.
We need to accept that there is more to life than the daily toil of survival; the solution is to inwardly awaken.
We need to accept the truth that Divine Love and Divine Wisdom move creation in an ongoing symphony.
We need to accept there are subtle planes far reaching in thought and vibration interacting with us.
We need to accept that everything created is condensed light and connected.
We need to accept that we are dearly loved regardless of appearance or conscious awareness.
We need to accept that religions are limited glimpses of an unlimited Reality.
We need to accept that the journey does not need to be hard and long.
We need to accept that it is our sense of lesser self that is the judge.
We need to accept and achieve a strong balance between body, mind and soul.
We need to accept that the only enduring power is love and wisdom.

Love, Light and Laughter, Http://www.behealedforever.com

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