With politics taking up so much attention in our news, I couldn't help but think how meaningful and eventful soul awakening could be if more people had enthusiasm for their own 'game changing'.  This would mean dropping the facade and actually being full time who we really are.  References to being respectful also comes up in politics.  Yet, how many people actually respect themselves and others?  If we respected ourselves, would we eat, drink, think, speak and act out negative choices?  I think not.  If we respected life would humanity continue to hate, punish and slaughter for inhumane reasons?  I think not.

If we really pay attention to the 'game changers', how many are genuinely at peace with themselves or toward others?  All of us need to look closely at our intention.  Many people say that they would like to serve life in a grander way and give hope to others at the same time. Yet, I do not see anyone experiencing a true identity realization without pain, suffering, lack, limitation and loneliness.  What ever happened to playfulness?  Where is the genuine joy and laughter that is normally an intimate part of true love?   Perhaps, we need to come up with something new and beautiful that is actually fun...not the tears like so many good people shed.

Regardless of our visions, occasional bliss and close encounters, I personally feel we have tears and occasional anguish and bewilderment because we do not consciously have the answers.  Many souls feel like they only have half a recipe for perfection.  Everything that has been gained in soul evolution has been through pain. Years ago, I was shown in a vision to throw the cross away. Easier said than done. What can we do differently to change soul evolution so the pain is transformed into pleasure?

Just imagine...if we gave our desire for a true and permanent enlightenment the same power and practice that admirers of presidential candidates are given, perhaps progress would come more quickly.  Why not elect to be who we really are and play a role that better reflects our inner truth and eternality?

As we awaken, we are better equipped to help other species fight against cruelty and neglect. Many of us are heart involved with the safety and care of animals. This is a widening circle of light.  We also could expand our respect, compassion and love toward the human race as well.  We don't need to continue to live in a laboratory environment and neither should there exist a heartbreaking world of animal or earth abuse.  All life deserves hope as well as care.

The brilliant soul we know as Albert Einstein said, "Our task must be to free ourselves...by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."  We are overdue~
In Einstein's equation we know that mass (m) and the speed of light (c) are related in some way. ... that mass and energy are really different manifestations of the same thing.  Recognizing, accepting and living this understanding is our first step.

Light is a bond that frees us. It does lighten our load.   I know that there is an 'idea' out there incorporating this ancient truth that for some reason it hasn't  been fully understood.  I ask that it will soon materialize to make it less troublesome for more of us to claim our true identity  as spirit in form.  In the meantime, we must remember and elect to do and be our truth consciously.

In harmony,

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