What would it be like to live in a world where people had pure intentions, pure motives?
A land where they knew how to utilize higher knowledge.  Not just for the sake of obtaining knowledge, but for the sake of taking knowledge and using it to benefit all life?
What if we have a world where the purest form of knowledge is taught?  A land where we take care of one another and love one another...  It would be a land where everybody had food and shelter.  Older people would be taken care of and all children would be educated.  The sweet part would be where everyone is gentle to the Earth and all life regardless of form or color.  It is possible.  It has been done before in ancient times and it can be a reality again.
A land where those who rule are compassionate and love the people.  When we are genuine, helpful to one another, the society flourishes.  Having love as our mission and purpose and treating self, others and Earth with heightened awareness, we feel good about life and all are healed.
We are energetic and are comprised of all the elements, vibrating at different frequencies.  Many of us came to earth with a mission and purpose.  An important part of our intention is to learn, to grow, to mature and do what we can to help others.  Knowing how to treat the Earth, the right way to eat, how to heal and to learn and apply the different dynamics to healing.  People need examples, and some pure ideas that work, without always being attached to profit goals.  Why not combine them all and have the faith that we can heal, be healthy, and not be distracted by those who are indifferent.  Imagine a world where everybody can focus on their mission and purpose.
There are angels, souls who have gained mastery, guides, all around us.  We need to pay attention and realize that it is possible to have a special connection with the stars and actually manifest our mission and purpose helping not only ourselves but help many other people.




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