We are both the seeker and the sought from the very beginning, though we may not know it. Isn't this sad? Every day we recognize beauty and goodness in others but, we rarely accept it in ourselves.

We all have the Christ or Buddha Nature within. It cannot be sought outside of ourselves. Why? People fail to grasp the truth of their being because they cling to deluded thoughts and attachments. Conditioning separates us from the truth of our real identity.

We live with this marvelous hidden Nature every day but do not recognize it even when it is right in front of our eyes. There are many names for the inner Nature: wakefulness, mind ground, Nirvana, unchanging, reward body, spirit, essence, enlightenment, God, radiant Light, spirit and endless other names.

We all have this Nature. The inner Nature is equal in all. The difference is in our conscious awareness of Its presence and power. A determining factor is also whether we accept and use it. Externally,on the human level, there are huge differences between the consciousness of people. In the perspective of the higher wisdom, we have eternal equality and must awaken to use it.

Understanding our true spiritual identity from the higher wisdom perspective, we are all 'heavenly beings'. There is nothing to cultivate. There is no need to seek from others. The difference between spiritual ignorance and awakened understanding though is to actually achieve awakened thought. We must understand our hidden Nature and accept and live it.

One of the greatest secrets to awakened Mind is not to be attached. Humanity is bewildered and collectively spiritually ignorant. People continue to suffer because their true Nature is obscured by delusion. All of us need to clear the dust off the mirror.

The 3rd Friday of each month, a Sacred Breath Healing Workshop is held in Downers Grove, IL at the Sohmar Massage School at 7:00 pm. The purpose of the healing workshops are to help you break through the delusion of false conditioning and consciously realize the truth of who YOU are! During our time together, you actually feel the truth of your inner Nature~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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