February 2nd, Sunday, 1:00 PM, a Circle of Light gathering class and healing meditation will be held at Chris Davidson’s home in Naperville.

Many years ago, I suddenly found myself in a healing ministry. It began with my self, relatives, neighbors, teenagers and young adults. The youth would gather together at our home in La Grange. Sitting in a circle on the living room carpet, interchanges occurred that dramatically changed the lives of those who came by word of mouth. They came because they really wanted to know more about their true identity and how to live a life that was not controlled by other people’s programs.

How are you? Do you feel peaceful, happy and in charge? Do you feel you are emotionally mature? Can you clearly identify your beliefs? Are you willing to change your self from what others programmed you to be? How do you view your life? Are you really in control? Do you realize that you can break cycles? These are only some of the questions addressed then as well as now.

I feel it is time for the Circle of Light to open the door again to the youth. Youth is also a state of mind. It includes adults of all ages as well. I know we are not on earth to suffer. Many of you who will read these words have been studying metaphysics, various religions and teachings, books and teachers for years. You are still struggling. You are invited to join us either on the first Sunday afternoon of the month or for the 3rd Friday evening of the month at the very special Sacred Healing Breath workshop. Both offerings deliberately focus on how to change our neural chemistry and stop all the non-serving activities.

Why not update your life? Speaking of updates, my new book, The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, can be purchased through the newly created web site: https://behealedforever.com or through Amazon or Barnes & Noble Internet or ordering through a store.

It is time to take action by bringing our understanding of the higher realms of Light down to earth in a whole new way. You can contact me for details at [email protected]

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

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