Do you wonder why there is such profound spiritual ignorance happening everywhere on our planet?    What happened to pure intent and the moral character great spiritual leaders advised us to develop?
There is an explanation.  The Western World is not well versed in the ancient wisdom teachings of the East.  In ancient India, there were many sages living simple, contemplative lives in hermitages high in the Himalayas and along the banks of sacred rivers.  They sought to understand the fundamental truths of life – Why are we born?  How did the world come into existence?  How can we live a good life?  Because of their intense inquiry and deep meditation, they received God’s blessings and were able to discover the answers to their profound questions.
The ancient Vedic teachings predate Hinduism.  God revealed sacred truths to the ancient sages, and the sages composed hymns and texts in the Sanskrit language to express these truths.
Sincere seekers living in the Western World insist that the Golden Age is coming.  Eventually, a greater light filled epoch will arrive like clockwork but, not for a long time.  According to the ancient wisdom teachings, there are four great epochs.  The first three have already passed away.  We are now living in the fourth one, the epoch where evil and dishonesty has replaced the truth of the last three ages.  This age, Kali Yuga, is considered the most degenerated of the epochs.
During the Kali Yuga, the majority of humans have lost knowledge of the higher Self.  They have lost touch with Supreme Intelligence.  People are more preoccupied with the physical self than anything else.  Emphasis is collectively on the pursuit of gross materialism.  Natural disasters as a result of humanities abuse, war and crime, deceit and duplicity characterize this epoch.
According to the Vedas, the Kali Epoch began February 18th 3102 BC. So far, roughly only 5112 years have elapsed in this current low cycle. The darkness remains and will gradually diminish for earth and its inhabitants for an additional 426, 888 more years.  Although there are many imposter's writing and teaching and collectively people have fallen prey to delusion, there is always hope.
Hope is in the truth that the goal of creation is to discover unity.  We choose to transform ourselves and become purity.   Earth is where we deconstruct our baggage and gain freedom as a spirit in form.  The enlightened remind us to work out our own liberation.  Don’t believe things unless you can test their truth.  Then, if you discover any valid truth, offer it freely to the world.  The real power is within.  There are souls on earth who already have the purity of heart. Be an example. Expand and hold onto that light.  For within is the source of all spiritual strength.
Take the time to understand the epochs.  The four ages symbolize the four phases of involution during which man gradually loses the awareness of his inner self and subtle bodies and eventually regains them.  The scriptures say that final emancipation is possible only in this age, the age of Kali.  This is why we are here!
Shirlee Hall

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