We are a part of the great Consciousness, a god-fragment who has forgotten our wholeness so that our adventures can be real.  The day we choose to live this truth and take conscious control of thoughts is the day we declare freedom and begin authentic mastery of life.  It is also the day we cease to be a victim.  We are part of the great field of Consciousness.  Every thought, attitude and action is a choice.  What we believe will manifest.The  field is similar to a great circle.  The Circle is widening.  It is imperative that we link our hearts and minds together and protect our dear planet and  all Her life.  The Circle is an illuminating ring of spiritual power that will elevate the vibrations of Earth in such a way that a true and higher consciousness will dawn in the minds of men and women.  Each soul that is in harmony with the science of wisdom and the outpouring of love is an integral part of the call to service.   It is through the energy of this ring of power that the Age of Spiritual Consciousness, an awakened humanity, will merge in all its beauty and love.Embracing the polarity of wisdom and love in service to life,  my purpose is...turning sorrow into action - right action.  To do that we must be balanced/mature particularly emotionally in the mind


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