What we are is not what we think we are. We may intellectually know that conditioning and attachments have mesmerized us into believing that we are what we are not. We can remind ourselves by answering a simple question. What was I a hundred years ago? The classes and workshops offered are for the sole purpose in helping understand our true nature. They serve as reminders and offer much needed support along the way. I don't know about you but, I refuse to be like a fly caught in a spider's web. The ego does that...

Earlier this month in our Sacred Breath Workshop, we focused on the Medicine Buddha. Humanity has been poisoned as a result of spiritual ignorance, attachments and hatred. As you know, these poisons influence the body and mind. As we deliberately transform the poisons, we change our energy and eventually release all sense of lack and limitation.

If you are taking the time to read this, you already know that barriers whether they be physical, emotional or mental interfere with our being authentic conduits. Understand...when we heal ourselves, we are also contributing to the betterment of all.

We who seek are both the seeking and the sought. I know it is not easy to grasp this truth in its entirety. When the realization begins to penetrate, understanding mistaken identity and actualizing the Real becomes our focus. Yes, we are already what we seek.

The common energy of this world is desire. A good desire is to gain understanding, acceptance and demonstrate our true identity as spirit in form. We can do this without becoming influenced by a shadow ego. Ego causes struggle. We have the inner power to stop it.

The focus in the classes and workshops is freedom from further suffering. If you feel you could use support in removing your energy from the impenetrable, thickly woven trap of a maze of spider webs, join us the first Sunday afternoon of the month for a class and healing meditation. Sacred Breath Workshops are offered the third Friday of a month where participants definitely soar beyond positive and negative.

Where would you like to be a hundred years from now? Why not consciously return to the luminous and free state of mind called Original Mind and consciously exist as stability and awareness?

If we understand the law of cause and condition, we can find spring in the midst of frost and winter snow. The True Self, the Living Light and Life, is non-regional. It is within all of us waiting to be acknowledged and lived. There is nowhere it is not. These words are directed to the True Self. It is always within whether we remember it or not. It is our responsibility to constantly connect with the Presence regardless of what we are thinking or doing. We are both the seeking and the sought. Wake up from the dream!

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

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